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New TS website is under construction

Category: News # by Whiplash

(LinkThe new Turbo Sliders website is developed by stummihouse. It is very important that you test it by logging in to it with your current TS user name and password. That will help us to see if everything is working properly. You can upload some of your ... (continue)

Punaball Champions League - Dates Announced!

Category: Tournaments&Cups # by shyguy1001

(LinkThe official start of the Punaball Champions League has been announced! Signups must be completed by the 8th September, on midnight at the end of that day, the official draw will be held for the group stages, which are to start with Gameweek 1 on 15t... (continue)

Punaball Champions League - Test Cup

Category: Tournaments&Cups # by shyguy1001

(LinkThe Test Cup dates and games have been announced! Theres still a few spots left, so sign up quickly to play in the cup! Don't worry if you miss it, everyone will get the chance to play in the main cup in a months time, the purpose of the test cup is ... (continue)

Punaball Champions League - Sign Ups Open!

Category: Tournaments&Cups # by shyguy1001

(LinkSign ups have opened for the First Edition of the Punaball Champions League!

Visit here: http://www.turbosliders.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=3037 for a preview of the cup, and visit here: http://www.turbosliders.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f... (continue)

The Puschtras Touring Masters 2

Category: Tournaments&Cups # by Lanz

(LinkThe PTM comes back for a 2nd Edition in 2014! Be ready for some great racing! For Infos, Schedule, Input, Discussion or Subscriptions click the pic below!

GT3ES - Wokinger wins home GP and GT3ES

Category: Tournaments&Cups # by Wokinger

(LinkWokinger won home GP and GT3 Endurance Series. 2nd place for Mike Nike, who suffered technical problems. 3rd place for Lanz, who was really good in the end of series.

428: laps in total
427: Wokinger laps
422: Mike Nik... (continue)

GT3ES - Who will win?

Category: Tournaments&Cups # by Wokinger

(LinkFinal stage of GT3 Endurance Series. Zżynań, Poland. Who will win? Mike Nike or Wokinger? If one of them will win race he will be GT3 Endurance Series Champion. I'm reapeting it, but.. To know who will win, come and drive with us! Final cou... (continue)

GT3ES - It's Lanztime!

Category: Tournaments&Cups # by Wokinger

(LinkThe Netherlands, sunny weather. It was Lanztime! That sunday he showed his best. He won everything he could. Nobody could stop his fast Ferrari. Practice - Lanz. Qualifying - Lanz. Race - Lanz. FL - Lanz. There was nothing more to do. It seems that w... (continue)

GT3ES - Wokinger wins Le Mans!

Category: Tournaments&Cups # by Wokinger

(LinkThe longest race in TS history! 3 Hours of Le Mans was the most important race in GT3ES calendar. Double points mean that winning is crucial for standing! Many drivers started, but only half of them finished. Drivers had many problems. They tried dif... (continue)

GT3ES - Wokinger wins. Final countdown to Le-Mans!

Category: Tournaments&Cups # by Wokinger

(LinkCrazy race. There was no way to drive clean race. Everybody was making mistake after mistake. Some od them had deffects. Finally we knew the winner. Wokinger won for the first time in GT3 Endurance Series. Is it a forecast before Le Mans?

<... (continue)

GT3ES - East or west, dede's best

Category: Tournaments&Cups # by Wokinger

(LinkIf you ask me, how race looked like, I will answer: It was dede's race. He hadn't practiced before GP. He won practice, qualifying session, race and drove fastest lap of the race. Nobody could catch him. If race was longer, nobody would suffer from b... (continue)

GT3ES - Mike Nike wins 2nd in row

Category: Tournaments&Cups

(LinkMike Nike wins again! Qualifying session was Mike Nike's show. 4 fastest lap. There was nothing more to say. Despite his speed, he had many problems to keep good pace on 1st stint, but after that stint nobody could stop Mike and he won on easy. Behin... (continue)

GT3ES - Mike Nike is back!

Category: Tournaments&Cups # by Wokinger

(LinkMike Nike, well-known player, who has driven more than all the others put together, scored 26 points out of 26 possible. Dede, last race winner, couldn't beat him, although he was closed and until last stint he still counted in the battle for victory... (continue)

GT3ES - Afinfas on pole, but (as always) dede wins

Category: Tournaments&Cups # by Wokinger

(LinkTS beginner, but pro 2D racing game player - Afinfas showed, why he dominated in his previous league. Well-prepared Audi driver beat dede by almost 0.2s. Despite his speed, he wasn't able to maintain good pace in race and finished 4.
Dede won. (... (continue)

GT3ES - New series!

Category: Tournaments&Cups # by Wokinger

(LinkI'm pleased to announce that after PTM you won't have long break between another series. GT3 Endurance Series starts on Sunday! 9 manufactures, 15 teams, 10 tracks and lots of fun is waiting for you!


PTM - Eddie shows why he is the Champ

Category: Tournaments&Cups # by Lanz

(LinkAfter struggling a bit in the beginning the Mercedes Driver pulled out a fantastic pace to overtake Lanz for the win in the last stint! The BMW Driver managed to score the best Result for him and his Brand! A small reparation for the Team from Munich... (continue)

PTM - dede wins but Eddie is the Champion

Category: Tournaments&Cups # by Lanz

(LinkThe win was not enough for Audi Driver dede to keep the Championship open till the last Race! A 2nd place was enough for Eddie to become the first ever PTM Champion! With one Race to go the Brand with the Star closed both Championships!
Lanz comp... (continue)

PTM - Eddie once again

Category: Tournaments&Cups # by Lanz

(LinkAgain a dominant display from the Dutch Mercedes Driver! The victory was never in danger and with his 4th win out of 6 Races the Title should be a formality now! Audi Driver dede finished 2nd with a pass on Lanz in the last Lap! Still the BMW Crew is... (continue)

PTM - Eddie dominates the Show Event

Category: Tournaments&Cups # by Lanz

(LinkUntouchable performance by the Mercedes Driver! He crowned himself the Winner without loosing one Heat althought he had strong opponents as Mike in the semi and dede in the Final! With 3 wins out of 5 Races he is close now to become the first ever PT... (continue)

PTM - Eddie wins his Home Gp

Category: Tournaments&Cups # by Lanz

(LinkThe Mercedes driver is the first one scoring a Hattrick in PTM history, putting pressure up to his rivals in the Title fight! Winner of the last Race dede entered 2nd in front of Mike on 3rd!







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